Hair Removal

Sugaring is the ancient art of Egyptian hair removal and exfoliation.
It’s safe and effective for women and men.
Body sugar is all natural made from sugar, lemon, and water.
This mixture is a natural that contains no chemicals, resins, or additives.
Body sugaring removes hair at the root and exfoliates dry skin.
Lip - 10
Chin - 15
Cheeks - 15
Lower Face - 28
Eyebrow Shaping - 15-25
Full Face - 35
Underarms - 23
Half Legs - 55
Full Legs - 95
Arms - 45
Forearms - 30
Bikini - 35-65
Back - 40-65
Chest - 55

Wax is an option for hair  removal on certain areas
Do not use Retin A cream or AHA's for three days before and after hair removal
No fever blisters or Sunburns
Begin Exfoliating with scrub gloves 24 hours after hair removal treatment
Soak for 20 minutes in a Sea Salt bath day of treatment for best results
Avoid scented lotions for 2 days