Massage Treatments

All massages include complementary aromatherapy if desired. Essential oil blends derived from plants and flowers enhance beauty, health and well-being.
Novella Custom Massage
Priced base on consultation
Different massages styles will be customized to meet your specific needs, creating overall balance, relaxation and stress reduction.
Deep Tissue
50 minutes - 75 | 80 minutes 100
This massage style is tailored to release chronic patterns of tension using firm to deep, focused pressure and slow strokes, resulting in greater circulation and ease of movement.
Athlete’s Relief
50 minutes - 75 | 80 minutes 100
Facilitate muscle recovery with this moderate to firm treatment designed to increase flexibility and relieve soreness resulting from exertion or exercise. Our therapists will customize the massage, focusing on the area most stressed by your sport.



Hot Stone Massage
50 minutes - 95
This treatment begins with an application of seven essentials oils along the spine to deepen relaxation, aid in detoxification and increase well-being. The warmth of smooth, headed basalt stones is combined with the expert touch, to melt away stress and tension for an extraordinary spa experience.
50 minutes - 60
Celebrate and prepare for a new life. This massage experience provides relaxation and aids in relieving the physical discomfort during this beautiful time of change.
Swedish Massage
50 minutes - 65
Classic stress-relieving, medium pressure technique, using varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being.
30 minutes - 45